The Easium® range, material for future innovation

The discovery of new materials has always favoured innovation and laid the way for innovative development.

This applies well to Easium®, with its exceptional characteristics.

A true alternative to diamond, tungsten carbides and technical ceramics, Easium® opens the way to new solutions by meeting two objectives: provide excellent technical performance and offer even higher competitiveness.

Performance to be discovered

A newcomer in the field of extra-hard materials, Easium® has extraordinary specific qualities:

  • > Very good seizure prevention
  • > Excellent operation at high temperature and under temperature variations
  • > Excellent corrosion resistance
  • > Not wettable by liquid metals
  • > Electrical conductor
  • > Thermal expansion coefficient close to that of steels
  • > Good abrasion resistance
  • > Easily worked by electrical discharge machining and diamond machine tools
  • > Metallic finish, possibility of colours

Ceramic powder