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> 2004-2007 Participated in the European MONCERAT programme: Broadening the field of ceramic components by joint and interactive research on EDM machining technology, novel ceramic materials based on nano-powders made by SHS and design methodology.

> Influence of TiN addition on the microstructure and mechanical properties of TiC based cermets. J. Russias, S. Cardinal, Y. Aguni, G. Fantozzi, K. Bienvenu, J. Fontaine. Int. J. of Refractory Metals and Hard Materials. 23, (4-6), pp 358-362, 2005.

> Bulk Titanium Nitride material obtained from SHS starting powder : Fabrication mechanical characterization and tribological approach. J. Russias, S. Cardinal, J. Fontaine, G. Fantozzi, C. Esnouf, K. Bienvenu. . Int. J. of Refractory Metals and Hard Materials. (23), pp 344-349, 2005.

> Microstructure and Mechanical properties of hot pressed TiN powder obtained by SHS. J. Russias, S. Cardinal, G. Fantozzi, K. Bienvenu, G. Bienvenu. Sil. Ind. Special Issue, 69 (7-8), pp 311-316, 2004.

> Novel Reinforcements for plastics. Ehretsmann Jacques and Bienvenu Karine. Addcon World 2000 Congress. Int. Plastics additives and modifiers conference, N°6. Ed Rapra Technology (Basel, 25-26 October 2000).

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